Pre-Order Benefits

The global chip shortage has impacted all new car dealers creating a shortage of news car inventory and Mitsubishi is no exception. The shortage of new inventory has created the need for customers to PRE-ORDER their new vehicles ahead of time. In turn most, if not all; new vehicles are already sold long before they ever hit the dealership lots.

As a consumer there are many benefits to pre-ordering your vehicle:
  • You want a vehicle that has little of no inventory available.
  • Customize your vehicle to fit your needs.
  • Only pay for the features you want.
  • Save time with no trips to the dealership.
  • All pre-order deposits are 100% refundable.
We understand there is still some apprehension to pre-ordering a vehicle for some customers and that is okay! Once your pre-ordered vehicle arrives, the deal is subject to you taking your vehicle for a test drive and loving your new car!
Not sure how to get started? One of our knowledgeable certified representatives would be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT A REPRESENTATIVE