Learn More About Mitsubishi and the 2016 Outlander

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander - 100 Years of Automotive Know-How


Since 2003 the Mitsubishi Outlander has been providing families across North America with reliable, practical transportation. The 2016 Outlander continues to uphold these traditions, along with a healthy helping of technology and luxury. However, the Outlander didn't become such an excellent vehicle by accident - it did so through almost 100 years of engineering know-how and automotive knowledge.


Learn More About Mitsubishi and the 2016 Outlander

Mitsubishi's first car, the Mitsubishi Model A, dates all the way back to 1917, and was a seven-seater hand-built car. Then in 1937, Mitsubishi built the PX33 - a prototype passenger sedan with four-wheel drive, a technology that would come to define the company.

Throughout the 50's and 60's Mitsubishi would continue to grow, producing more and more vehicles for the growing Japanese car market. Mitsubishi was also one of the first Japanese manufacturers to recognize the growing SUV boom back in the 1990's and rode a wave of sales from vehicles like the Pajero and Delicia Star Wagon that fed the world's growing appetite for large four-wheel-drive vehicles.


The first generation of the Outlander arrived on our shores back in 2003, and quickly became a success thanks to its combination of smaller size, greater fuel economy, affordable price tag, and commanding driving position. The second generation, introduced just three years later, gave the Outlander even greater appeal thanks to its larger size, greater luxury trappings, and available V6 engine for those looking for greater performance/towing potential.


Now this third generation represents almost 100 years of Mitsubishi's commitment to building incredible vehicles. With a handsome, defined look that will turn heads to a luxurious and well-equipped interior that will make you look forwards to your daily commute - the 2016 Outlander represents Mitsubishi at its best!

So visit Surrey Mitsubishi today and explore the 2016 Outlander along with the rest of the Mitsubishi lineup to understand just what a car company is capable of when they have almost 100 years of experience!