The 2017 Mitsubishi RVR - Distilled Excellence

The 2017 Mitsubishi RVR - The Culmination of Off-Road Excellence


The 2017 Mitsubishi RVR is a new kind of compact SUV, and one built through experiences learned in the harshest conditions on Earth. With a powerful 2.4L MIVEC engine and the option of Mitsubishi's incredible All Wheel Control (AWC), the new RVR is unlike any other crossover in this segment. However, what truly sets the RVR apart is the experiences Mitsubishi learned over decades of rally experience on some of the most grueling stages in the world.



The 2017 Mitsubishi RVR - Distilled Excellence

The RVR takes many of its engineering criteria from the legendary Mitsubishi Pajero, the most successful vehicle ever to tackle the Paris Dakar Rally. Winning seven out of ten races, the Pajero serves as inspiration for the advanced AWC system that can be found in the 2017 RVR.
Of course, the RVR has been around longer than most people realize. It was first revealed in Japan back in 1991, and was even sold here in North America as the Dodge/Plymouth Colt Vista Wagon and the Eagle Summit. Even back then, it became well regarded for its combination of economy, practicality, and fun-to-drive character.


This winning set of traits continued into the second-generation RVR, now known as the "Chariot" and was sold only in Japan. However, the RVR name wasn't lost, with special editions like the "RVR Sports Gear" that continued the tradition of small, capable crossovers.


As you can see, even as the RVR continues into its third generation, it has a strong lineage to look to for inspiration. And as the 2017 RVR rolls onto our showroom floor, you can feel confident knowing that you're purchasing a vehicle with a rich and storied history!